Life Drawing Class

This class is suitable for those who are 18 years of age and older.

1st Sunday of each month

6:00 PM - 8:00 pm

$30 per class

Here’s a chance to develop your creativity and hone your drawing skills! Join our relaxed and friendly life-drawing sessions, held in a wonderful, light-filled space. There’ll be a good mix of short and longer poses, with a half-time break for chatting and comparing sketches with others. You are welcome to come solo…or bring a friend!
This class will run monthly, with different models each time.
So you will be able to grow as a life artist, with the personal help of your art teacher.

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In these immersive two-hour sessions, you will have the unique opportunity to capture the essence of the human form through a series of timed poses, featuring either male or female models.

The first hour serves as a warm-up, during which your skilled instructor will guide you through various techniques and exercises using photographic references. This preparatory phase allows you to hone your skills and gain confidence before the model's arrival.

As the model takes the stage for the second half of the class, you'll embark on a journey of artistic exploration. Beginning with shorter 5 and 10-minute poses, you'll have the chance to capture the model's dynamic expressions and gestures. The session culminates in a captivating 30-minute pose, providing ample time to delve deeper into the intricacies of the human form.

Regardless of your artistic background or experience, these sessions welcome individuals of all skill levels, from curious beginners to seasoned artists. Your knowledgeable art host will be there to guide you at every stage, ensuring that you have the support and direction needed to create a remarkable piece of art to take home.

Throughout the class, you'll receive expert instruction on studying and interpreting the human shape and form. Armed with this foundational knowledge, you'll be empowered to create your own unique and personal interpretation of the human body, allowing your creativity to flourish and your artistic voice to shine through.

What is provided

Everything you need (but feel free to bring some drinks and snacks).

What to bring

Your enthusiasm and a smile.


A male or female model will be present for artists to draw.

suitable for

For Those Who Are 18 Years Of Age And Older.

225 Main Road Toukley NSW

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